Recycle your old cell phones and computers. We pick up and pay fair money!

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Fast, easy and flexible recycling

We are experts in our field. We continuously develop our operations to make recycling easier for you. We can collect the scrap from your location, or you can send it to us via freight or post, or drop it off directly at our processing facility.

Professional and safe recycling

Catalytic converter recycling | Electronic scrap recycling | Lead-acid battery recycling | Confidential waste recycling | Precious metal scrap recycling

Catalytic converters

Catalytic converter recycling

The number one recycler of catalytic converters in Finland!

Electronic scrap

Electronic scrap recycling

We buy electronic scrap from companies. Collection by local pickup or freight delivery.

Other recycling services

Other recycling services

We also recycle lead-acid batteries and non-ferrous metals.

Company & Environment

Recycling saves the environment

Kat-Metal Oy makes sure that your waste is recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Recycled catalyst
Recycling experts
Met scrap dealers
Saved world

Safe and professional recycling

Kat-Metal was founded in 2011. We operate in accordance with valid environmental permits and the ISO 14001:2015 standard and constantly strive to develop our operations.
We are an environmentally friendly recycling company that employs 19 recycling experts in Finland.